The BARS system was developed in 1999 to address the problems associated with the transfusion of blood components. The system is simple to use and requires only minimal training as it is based on a series of barcode scans to access information or blood product. Blood is monitored and tracked producing a complete audit trail, enabling full compliance with the 2002/98 EU Directive... read more

Wristband Printing

BARS Wristband Printing software is a stand alone module. A hospital does not have to use BARS control units.

The wristband can be configured to suit a hospitals particular requirements... read more

This software is designed to revolutionise the allocation of shifts. At the touch of a button the computer will work out the shift pattern for any given period based on the staffing requirements and staff preferences stored... ROSTA mini site

LabNet is a laboratory software solution combining the highest levels of security and reliability using multiple fileservers, automatic back-up and a PC based network... LABNET site.

Please note: Labnet is no longer a Fordman product. By selecting this option, you will be re-directed to Anglia Healthcare who now have responsibility for this software.