The BARS system was developed in 1999 to address the problems associated with the transfusion of blood components. Enhancements are on-going, driven by the input of the BARS user group.

Both SHOT and the National Haemovigilance Scheme have identified the main areas of risk as being 'from the point of collection from the fridge, to the site of transfusion to the right patient.'

The system is simple to use and requires only minimal training as it is based on a series of barcode scans to access information or blood product.

Blood is monitored and tracked producing a complete audit trail, enabling full compliance with the 2002/98 EU Directive.

Users, patients, temperatures, compatibility, times, dates and actions are among the key elements that comprise the audit trail.

Blood is a valuable resource that we cannot afford to waste. Controlling this asset safely and effectively is the primary function of BARS.